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Azores Island Hopping - Getting to know all islands from east to west!

What we can say right from the start is that it is not possible to discover all the natural – often remote and not easily accessible – beauties and cultural highlights of this amazing archipelago in one holiday of an average time frame of two weeks! This is due to the fact that this archipelago consists of nine islands, everyone different from the other and endowed with its own character, colours, ambiance and remarkable places to visit, and also that a lot of time is spent on transport – by boat or plane – linking the islands. As well to be taken into account is the Azores weather with often changing weather conditions, not facilitating the journey either! Yet, having said this, it is surely very rewarding to return to the Azores for several holidays – unless you can afford a holiday of at least four or five weeks at a time – to really experience this extremely diverse archipelago with all its amazing natural beauties, its rich history and cultural heritage and – last but not least – its genuine hospitality!

On the following pages, we want to give you a general overview of all nine islands of this fascinating archipelago – not to make it difficult for you to choose, which one to visit, but to make you realize what you are missing if you haven’t seen them all!

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